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Jose Choi son of the owners of Jardines de Confucio had the vision of expanding the original restaurant to deliver their unique cuisine to the world.

It was a dream made a reality in 2008 when they decided to open their first alternate location in the United States in Doral (Florida, USA) a replica of the original restaurant opened in Barranquilla – Colombia many years ago.

He was soon approached by a friend whose expertise in the real estate market in Brickell & Downtown in Miami for over 6 years made him realize the excellent potential and growth of the area and took the lead inviting to partner with such great restaurateur’s as Jose Choi and his family owned business to expand a brand new concept to the original recipes bringing a fresher with a more modern image and a faster service specializing in take-out & delivery restaurant where the final outcome is what is known today as CONFUCIO EXPRESS Brickell.

With its unique taste of Chinese gourmet cuisine it has caught the attention of customers all around Miami and has been called “The new gem in Brickell” by the Miami Herald a where a review was written.

Later on the Miami New Times had the same interest and reviewed it’s cuisine with positive comments about the taste of such recipes.

Opening Hours

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11:00 – 22:00
11:00 – 23:00
12:00 – 23:00
12:00 – 22:00


Weekly Deals

Lunch and Dinner Specials

Deep Fried Chicken Wings / Mongolian Beef / Pepper Steak / Beef Chop Suey / Beef with Broccoli / Beef Lo Mein / Sweet & Sour Pork / Pork with Broccoli / Pork Chop Suey / Pepper Pork / Honey Garlic Chicken / Sweet & Sour Chicken / Chicken Chop Suey / Chicken Lo Mein / Mongolian Chicken / Pepper Chicken / General Tao / General Tao Chicken / Chicken Broccoli / Orange Chicken / Vegetable Chop Suey / Vegetable Lo MeinDeep Fried Chicken Wings / Mongolian Beef / Pepper Steak / Beef Chop Suey / Beef with Broccoli / Beef Lo Mein

Lunch Special
Monday to Friday
(11 am – 4 pm)*
Monday to Thursday
(4 pm – 10 pm)*
(4 pm – 11 pm)*
Saturday and Sunday
all day*

*Add $1 to dishes with shrimp – price without tax

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